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Is Daycare Available at Parkridge Montessori School?

One of the unique things about the Montessori approach to education is that it can be applied to any age group up to high school. Form infants and toddlers to elementary and middle school students this approach helps children learn and develop by focusing on their likes and interested and using those to foster learning. This means that many Montessori schools also act as Daycare centers and offer parents and safe and nurturing place for their little ones.


The Parkridge Montessori School of Irving, TX provides education and guidance for kids of all ages and allows children to direct the learning and lets the fun of discovery and play be the method that children learn and develop skills through. The result often is happier kids in the Daycare who love to learn and who are as well educated and even more advanced in some areas than their peers who are still going to a public school in the area.